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Originally there were no bovines in the south of the American continent. Spaniards brought these animals in their first journeys.

Native communities destroyed the first settlements and the cattle were let loose. After a while and thanks to the excellent quality of the soil in the Pampa region, large herds appeared with thousands of wild animals.

This was the country’s first wealth at the time of its Independence and the birth of the Gaucho culture. It did not take long before Argentina became one of the biggest exporters of leather and meat, both famous for their superior quality.

Argentina is currently the country with the highest consumption of meat per capita in the world and is still one of the leading exporters and has one of the best Premiun meat.
The type of production and breeds is related to the region: subtropical, mild and cold. The main breeds are Brahngus, Braford and Brahman in the subtropical region and Angus and Hereford in the other two.


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